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Rio Tinto – Kennecott Copper


Rio Tinto – Kennecott Copper

Project Type



Kennecott Copper

Salt Lake City, Utah


Project Type Kennecott Copper
Location Salt Lake City, Utah
Completion 2020

Project Scope

PROK was contracted for the manufacture and supply of PROK heavy duty engineered pulleys and over 13,000 PROK Flow Formed rollers. The 4 non-drive pulleys weighed approximately 25 tonnes each, with a diameter of 1800mm. The dual drive pulleys weighed around 36 tonnes each, with a diameter of 2000m.

Rio Tinto Kennecott is a copper mine located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, US and wholly owned by Rio Tinto. The Kennecott site has been operational for more than 100 years, mining and processing minerals from the rich orebody of the Bingham Canyon Mine.

In 2020, the site undertook significant upgrades and expansion to its minerals processing infrastructure which included moving an existing crusher which meant there was a requirement for a new overland conveyor.

Key Statistics


Flow Form rollers. The roller is designed for high capacity conveyors and utilises a flow forming process for extremely round tubes and an end forming process to round shell edges and integrate concentric bearing houses to the roller shell body, avoiding the need for welding.

36 tonnes

Total weight of each individual dual drive pulley.

25 t/h

Belt operating speed.

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