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Hamersley Iron – Western Turner Brockman


Hamersley Iron – Western Turner Brockman

Project Type



Western Turner Brockman

Pilbara, Western Australia


Project Type Western Turner Brockman
Location Pilbara, Western Australia
Completion 2015

Project Scope

In 2015, PROK designed, manufactured and supplied 70 conveyor pulleys and 16,500 conveyor idlers as part of the Western Turner Brockman Iron Ore project. The pulleys and idlers formed part of a 20-kilometre overland conveyor system to transport materials over the Western Turner Syncline (WTS) into the Tom Price process plant.

Key Statistics


Engineered pulleys supplied.

16 500

Idlers supplied.

40 Mtpa

The 70 conveyor pulleys supplied for the Brockman 4 mine expansion assisted in increasing their annual capacity from 22 Mtpa to 40 Mtpa.

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