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Benefits of pulley refurbishment

icon Cost-savings

Cost savings

If the shell and shaft of your pulley is in good condition, you can save up to two-thirds of the cost of a new pulley with refurbishment.
icon Long-lasting

Quick lead times

Reduce operation disruption with faster turnaround. Maintaining your pulley will take less time than ordering new components.
icon Environmentally-sustainable

Environmentally sustainable

Make sustainability a priority by reducing the emissions involved with manufacturing and maintaining your existing equipment.

Keep driving forward

PROK pulleys are built to last but like all equipment pulley components wear over time.

When your pulley does require maintenance, our engineers can assess the parts, recommend upgrades and refurbish your conveyor equipment back to life.

As a global leader in conveyor equipment technology, we have the skills, materials and technology to rebuild your pulley so you can maintain optimal site performance.


Trust your pulley with the benchmark for performance and craftsmanship in conveyor technology.

  • Comprehensive engineering and design capability
  • Access to original OEM parts and materials
  • Quality control and testing
  • Expertise in material selection and manufacturing processes
  • Timely delivery and warranty

Pulley Lagging

Direct Bond Ceramic (Available For Improved Adhesion)

Typical applications: Drive, non-Drive, MD and HD pulleys.

Features and benefits: Low friction on non-drives, increases friction coefficient on drive pulleys. Grouted tiles decrease the risk of ingress and corrosion. Longer service life, superior bonding strength and proven application.

*FRAS = Fire retardant antistatic (for underground application)

Extreme Diamond Rubber

Typical applications: High-power, high-tension conveyor belts. Extreme temperatures and extended outdoor operations.

Features and benefits: Outstanding abrasion resistance and high levels of cut and tear and build up resistance. Protects the belt and provides a long service life.


Typical applications: Critical for drive pulley applications.

Features and benefits: Specifically developed and tested to improve the durability of the lagging to the pulley shell and the ceramic tiles to rubber backing panel. Exceptional balance between durability, drive traction, abrasion resistance and cushioning.


Typical applications: Small diameters and port applications.

Features and benefits: Hard wearing for demanding conditions and grooved for water dispersion. FRAS or natural, one piece moulded to shell.


Typical applications: LD, MD, HD pulleys, drive and non-drive pulleys.

Features and benefits: Cost-effective, dewatering, FRAS or natural, improved belt grip, various thickness tailored to application (10-30mm). Hot vulcanised available upon request.

Rubber Back Ceramic Lagging

Typical applications: Drive pulleys, MD and HD pulleys.

Features and benefits: Dimpled (for drive pulleys) and smooth (for non-drive applications), reduces LTU tension requirements through better power transmission, increases pulley life and improves belt grip.


Frequently asked questions

What is the primary benefit of choosing PROK's pulley refurbishment service over buying a new pulley?
What is the primary benefit of choosing PROK's pulley refurbishment service over buying a new pulley?

PROK’s pulley refurbishment service allows you to salvage and reuse the most expensive parts of the pulley, such as the shell and shaft, resulting in significant cost savings compared to purchasing a completely new pulley.

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