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Why PROK Pulleys

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Innovative design

We design using Finite Element Analysis software to ensure all PROK pulleys are built for high performance and reliability.
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Our precise manufacturing processes and accurate assembly ensures reduced maintenance requirements and low total cost of ownership.
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We manufacture custom conveyor pulleys compatible with your inventontry, and ensure a quick turnaround on new and refurbished pulleys.

PROK Engineered Pulleys Features

Our industry-leading design software, coupled with in-house manufacturing capabilities, ensures a quick turnaround on new and refurbished pulleys.Using the latest technology, every conveyor pulley is subject to intense testing and inspection to confirm and guarantee the quality of our products are of the highest standard. This ensures we are delivering a high-quality product that’s made to last. Designed with years of industry advancement and infinite fatigue life criteria, PROK pulleys will maximise your uptime and reduce total cost of ownership.


Engineered Pulleys for Increased ROI

Investing in quality engineered pulleys makes good business sense for mining companies. They ensure increased safety, lower weight, longer life and improved reliability.

Designed with years of industry advancement and infinite fatigue life criteria, PROK pulleys will maximise your uptime and reduce total cost of ownership.

PROK Engineered Pulleys Benefits


Increased uptime


Infinite fatigue life


Lower total cost of ownership





Pulley Lagging

Extreme Diamond Rubber

Typical applications: High-power, high-tension conveyor belts. Extreme temperatures and extended outdoor operations.

Features and benefits: Outstanding abrasion resistance and high levels of cut and tear and build up resistance. Protects the belt and provides a long service life.


Typical applications: Critical for drive pulley applications.

Features and benefits: Specifically developed and tested to improve the durability of the lagging to the pulley shell and the ceramic tiles to rubber backing panel. Exceptional balance between durability, drive traction, abrasion resistance and cushioning.


Typical applications: Small diameters and port applications.

Features and benefits: Hard wearing for demanding conditions and grooved for water dispersion. FRAS or natural, one piece moulded to shell.


Typical applications: LD, MD, HD pulleys, drive and non-drive pulleys.

Features and benefits: Cost-effective, dewatering, FRAS or natural, improved belt grip, various thickness tailored to application (10-30mm). Hot vulcanised available upon request.

Rubber Back Ceramic Lagging

Typical applications: Drive pulleys, MD and HD pulleys.

Features and benefits: Dimpled (for drive pulleys) and smooth (for non-drive applications), reduces LTU tension requirements through better power transmission, increases pulley life and improves belt grip.

Direct Bond Ceramic (Available For Improved Adhesion)

Typical applications: Drive, non-Drive, MD and HD pulleys.

Features and benefits: Low friction on non-drives, increases friction coefficient on drive pulleys. Grouted tiles decrease the risk of ingress and corrosion. Longer service life, superior bonding strength and proven application.

*FRAS = Fire retardant antistatic (for underground application)


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