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Keep Your Belt Running With PROK Idlers


Keep Your Belt Running With PROK Idlers


Idlers are a key component of a conveyor system, providing support to the belt as the material is moved along the conveyor system. A conveyor idler consists of a number of rollers and a frame.

Idlers are required to operate in very harsh environments, so quality and durability is important. The use of poor quality idlers can lead to many problems such as belt damage, mistracking and eventually unscheduled conveyor downtime.

PROK Idlers

PROK manufacture conveyor idlers for the carrying and return run, impact and transition.

Available in a wide range of sizes for belt widths and in various designs for different placements, troughing angles and functional demands. PROK idlers are equipped with high-quality PROK rollers supported by close tolerance, premium bearings and effective seals. This includes PROK’s market leading range of non-metallic composite rollers.

Renowned for high performance and reliability, PROK rollers are sealed for life and virtually maintenance free.

PROK idler frames allow great flexibility in conveyor design and idler replacement.


  • PROK idlers and frames are designed to maintain an optimum conveyor belt profile which in turn promotes low rolling resistance, excellent belt support, good belt guidance and long belt life
  • Available as carry, impact and return idlers for various belt widths
  • Rigid design for a long life
  • Idlers come in 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-roller design; standard as 3- or 5-roller design
  • Suitable for a range of Roller diameters and bearings

Conveyor Garlands

Instead of fixed idlers, garland rollers can be installed in the carrying and return run, as well as in impact areas.

Conveyor Idler Garland systems provide an effective solution when transporting larger materials in high speed/high tonnage applications.

Garlands are mostly used for rollers with larger diameters and in mining areas with wider belts and higher belt speeds, as well as in underground conveyors.

The rollers are connected to each other with flexible links and fixed to the conveyor frame with suspension links, which allows free movement in the direction of belt travel.

A garland set is easy to replace by lifting the idler set from the hook. The flexible arrangement also has a positive influence on the self-centering of the belt.


  • Available for various belt widths and sizes
  • Troughing angles upon requests; standard 30°, 35° and 45°; for return garlands 10°
  • Garlands come in 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-roller design; standard as 3-roller design for carry garlands and a 2-roller for return garlands
  • Roller diameters from 63.5 mm to 219 mm and bearings from 6204 to 6312
  • Rubber discs and impact rings in various dimensions are available for return and impact garlands

PROK Idlers have outperformed in the toughest applications across the globe.

To find out more about PROK Idlers please contact us.

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