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PROK Unveils Exciting New Brand Strategy: “Innovation at work.”


PROK Unveils Exciting New Brand Strategy: “Innovation at work.”


PROK, a leading global manufacturer of conveyor equipment, is proud to announce a significant brand refresh, reflecting the company’s remarkable growth and commitment to innovation. This strategic move is a pivotal step in PROK’s mission to be recognized as the global benchmark for conveyor equipment technology.

The cornerstone of PROK’s new brand strategy is the tagline, “Innovation at work.” This tagline encapsulates the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in conveyor equipment. It highlights PROK’s commitment not only to developing innovative products and solutions but also to partnering with customers to help optimise their sites.

“Innovation that makes a meaningful difference to our customers is at the heart of everything we do at PROK,” said Paul Byrne, Managing Director at PROK. “Our team is dedicated to finding new ways to deliver solutions that outperform and over-deliver, resulting in lower running costs, greater efficiencies, improved safety, and reduced downtime.”

PROK has a long history of game-changing innovations in conveyor equipment technology. The most recent being PROK HDPE Wear Indicator Technology for idlers which was a significant development in conveyor roller maintenance.

“The PROK HDPE wear indicator technology is a great example of our global team coming together to solve a problem for customers. We have already seen great uptake in this product and some impressive results coming through from customers across the globe.” Mr Byrne added.

It’s commitment to high-quality products and local manufacturing has seen the company achieve substantial growth in recent times, expanding its reach across the globe by opening new facilities and venturing into new growth markets.

This expansion shows no signs of slowing down, with new facilities set to be opened in the USA and Canada all within the next three months.

As part of the brand refresh, PROK has launched a new website that offers an enhanced user experience and showcases the company’s core products, pulleys, and rollers. The visual identity reflects the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

“We’re embarking on an exciting new phase for PROK globally,” Mr Byrne added. “Our brand vision is to be recognized as the global benchmark for conveyor equipment technology, and this brand refresh underscores our unwavering dedication to achieving that vision.”

The launch of PROK’s refreshed brand strategy, tagline, and brand identity marks a significant moment for the company as it continues to lead the way in innovation within the conveyor equipment industry.

For more information about PROK, please visit the newly revamped website at

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