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PT Freeport Indonesia – DMLZ


PT Freeport Indonesia – DMLZ

Project Type




Paupa New Guinea


Project Type DMLZ
Location Paupa New Guinea
Completion 2016

Project Scope

The Grasberg Open Pit Mine located in Indonesia is the largest gold mine and third largest copper mine in the world, owned by PT Freeport Indonesia.

The crushed ore is transported to the mill stockpiled via the 4.9km inclined conveyor system with a 19,500 kW installed motor power.

The mine produces 600,000 tonnes of copper, 55 tonnes of gold and 170 tonnes of silver per year.

PROK engineered, manufactured and supplied 30 conveyor pulleys for the DMLZ project in Paupa, Indonesia. PT Freeport needed conveyor pulleys that require low ongoing maintenance, as maintenance underground in confined spaces is more difficult and time consuming.

Key Statistics

4.9 km

Total length of the overland conveyor systems

600 000

Tonnes of copper produced per year


Tonnes of gold produced per year


Tonnes of silver produced per year


Number of conveyor pulleys supplies, weighing approximately 28 tonnes each.

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