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PROK announces the opening of new facility in Surabaya, Indonesia


PROK announces the opening of new facility in Surabaya, Indonesia


Surabaya, Indonesia – May 25, 2023 – We’re excited to announce the official opening of our new service facility in Surabaya, Indonesia. This purpose-built facility reinforces PROK’s commitment to providing industry-leading experience, expertise, and service for conveyor equipment to local customers.

The Surabaya facility is specifically designed to provide conveyor pulley refurbishment services to mining companies located in Southeast Asia.

One of the key advantages of PROK Surabaya is its strategic location, which enables the global refurbishment and service teams to be in close proximity to major mining operations. This proximity allows for local engineering support, responsive operational and maintenance assistance, and round-the-clock service and emergency support. Customers can rely on PROK Surabaya for direct site support, including technical services, engineering, stock, safety auditing, and rationalisation.

PROK has a long history in Indonesia, having been a key supplier of conveyor equipment and services to the region for many decades.

PROK General Manager, Wade Guelfi said the new facility was initiated in partnership with local customers “The facility makes sense for our local customers in Indonesia.”

“In order to bring this vision to life we worked closely in collaboration with our customers in the region. They were obviously keen and interested as this facility will bring lasting value to their operations. It means they have an OEM conveyor components manufacturer on their doorstep to help maximise their conveyor performance.”

The Surabaya facility boasts a range of conveyor products and services that meet international quality standards, with the capacity to refurbish pulleys weighing up to 30 tons.

“At PROK, we strive to maximize the life cycle of conveyor pulleys through our OEM grade pulley refurbishment services,” added Mr Guelfi “Our fully equipped workshop in Surabaya enables us to provide complete in-house engineering design, testing, and refurbishment of conveyor pulleys and equipment, catering to the specific needs of our customers.”

Furthermore, PROK Surabaya operations benefit from the support of PROK’s global network of specialist conveyor facilities and production teams based in Australia, the USA, Canada, Chile, and Brazil. This extensive network ensures a seamless flow of knowledge, resources, and expertise, enabling PROK to deliver unmatched solutions and support to its customers worldwide.

PROK’s Surabaya facility offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the demands of the Indonesian market.

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