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PROK Chosen for New Overland Conveyor


PROK Chosen for New Overland Conveyor


An overland conveyor system can only perform as well as its components. OLCs are a huge investment and the right selection of components is paramount to its success.

PROK recently partnered with a key mining company in NSW, Australia on the manufacture and supply of overland conveyor structure and idlers to a new high-performance overland conveyor.

Over 1.8km worth of Overland Conveyor Structure & Idlers were manufactured at our PROK Smeaton Grange facility.

The two different “module” based structures were designed so that 90% could be assembled off-site and placed into position on precast footings. This provided greater flexibility for the client.

Approximately 300m worth of the overland conveyor was in a horizontal curve so a 6m long module was designed with banking idlers to assist in tracking through the curve. 1.5km worth of 12m long modules were designed and manufactured to be compatible with existing idlers on site.

An additional 250 5 Roll Retractable idlers were designed and supplied for all the elevated gantry sections where idler changeouts would be difficult and space was limited.

The conveyor modules included mostly PROK steel rollers with certain sections of the overland conveyor installed with PROK HDPE rollers.

PROK HDPE is a high-performance non-metallic composite roller for smart miners looking to reduce maintenance downtime and lower total cost of ownership.

Specifically developed for long life in heavy duty applications, PROK HDPE rollers reduce the risk to people and the belt. The roller is made from a reinforced polymer matrix which produces a lightweight, wear-resistant roller. PROK HDPE rollers are low noise and belt friendly, with a high performance bearing housing to ensure there is no risk of end-cap walk over time.

The project also included the manufacture of 18 new engineered conveyor pulleys.

To find out more about PROK overland conveyor components please get in touch.

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