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PROK launches revolutionary new conveyor belt lifter device


PROK launches revolutionary new conveyor belt lifter device


Today we announced the launch of our new conveyor belt lifter device, the PROK Belt Lifter. This innovative new product is designed to reduce the risk of painful back injuries that can occur when manually lifting conveyor belts for roller replacement.

Weighing in at less than 25kg, the PROK Belt Lifter is lightweight and easy to carry and operate by one person. It is designed on the standard PROK conveyor idler mounting dimensions and is suitable for use on 95% of all conveyor applications.

The PROK Belt Lifter contains a number of innovative features that both improve the safety performance as well as simplify the process of changing conveyor rollers.

One of the key benefits of the PROK Belt Lifter is its quick installation and operation, with a power drive that reduces downtime required to change out rollers. It provides a safe mechanical aid that reduces the risk of injury, allowing idler frames to be replaced as easily as the rollers themselves.



Additionally, the PROK Belt Lifter is quick and easy to collapse and relocate to an alternative location, reducing downtime.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of the new PROK Belt Lifter,” said Ray Anderson, Global Product Manager at PROK. “Our goal has always been to provide innovative solutions that make the conveyor maintenance process easier and safer for our customers. With the PROK Belt Lifter, we believe we have achieved that goal.”

The PROK Belt Lifter is available for immediate delivery and is backed by PROK’s industry-leading customer support and after-sales service.

The PROK Belt Lifter range also includes a heavy-duty option suitable for larger belt widths and capacities.

For more information on PROK and the PROK Belt Lifter, visit

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