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Roller Diameter

127, 152, 178 and 194mm

Tube Material

Electroplated galvanised stee

Bearing Sizes

6204, 6205, 6305, 6306, 6307, 6308,6309 and 3010

Shaft Sizes

26 mm - 60 mm


Welded pressed cap


Improve performance

Our unique design and manufacturing process has resulted in a PROK Standard Steel roller engineered to ensure optimum performance, reliability and durability.

Other features also include its belt friendly design which means it is not prone to the “pizza cutter” effect, has high impact resistance and is equipped with precision bearings greased for life.

The PROK Standard Steel roller high quality tube is manufactured for conveyor rollers conforming to SABS 657/3 standards and its shell can be hot vulcanised rubber lagged or galvanised wear coated for special applications.

PROK Steel Features


PROK Steel Features


Circumferential welding to extend product life

Welded rollers not susceptible to housing removal over time due to high loads, belt tracking, thermal expansion/contraction and moisture absorption.

Customised manufacturing to meet all specifications

Bearing housings are fused to the composite tube, providing an uninterrupted melt stream and eliminating the risk of bearing housing walking out.

End cap to shell weld for belt protection

An integral weld radius provides protection to the belt, reducing the risk of pizza cutter effects.

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