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Tube Diameter

127 mm to 219 mm

Bearing Sizes

6305 to 6312

Tube Material

High density polyethylene

Shaft Sizes

26mm - 62 mm

Seal Performance Testing

Testing Based on DIN 22112


Improve performance

PROK HDPE is a light-weight, reliable roller designed for high-speed and large tonnage applications.

Informed by years of research and development and made from resilient polymer matrix, this innovative roller is made to last.

Improve site productivity, reduce downtime and minimise risk to your people and your belt.

HDPE Roller Features


HDPE Roller Features


High-performance HDPE tube

A versatile substance with impressive tensile strength, the HDPE’s reinforced polymer matrix material makes a lightweight and durable roller.

Integrated sealing design

A non-metallic housing and three-tiered sealing system with a multi-labyrinth seal and contact seal means bearings are well protected from contaminants. Independent testing shows PROK HDPE's seal achieves 6x superior performance than other composite rollers on the market.

Visual wear indicator technology

Streamline conveyor roller maintenance with PROK's visual wear indicator technology. In a world first, PROK has introduced new visual wear indicator technology to the market which assists mining companies to improve maintenance planning. The Original PROK yellow tube combined with the green inner layer acts as a visual wear indicator for maintenance teams so they can better plan roller changeouts.

Friction welded bearing housing

PROK HDPE utilises friction welded bearing housings. The housing and tube are fused into one continuous material helping to transition stress and deflection. This feature eliminates the common failure mode relating to bearing housing dislodgement. The friction welded housing also creates an impenetrable seal preventing contaminants.

HDPE Roller Benefits


Longer roller life means reduced maintenance costs


Increased production through improved reliability and performance


Achieve safety outcomes and simplify roller maintenance

Frequently asked questions

What are the key benefits of choosing PROK HDPE over traditional metallic conveyor rollers?
What are the key benefits of choosing PROK HDPE over traditional metallic conveyor rollers?

PROK HDPE offers reduced maintenance downtime and a lower total cost of ownership, making it a smart choice for miners. It is lightweight, wear-resistant, and belt-friendly, improving efficiency and safety in heavy-duty applications.

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