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Bring Your Old Pulleys Back To Life With PROK Pulley Refurbishment Services


Bring Your Old Pulleys Back To Life With PROK Pulley Refurbishment Services



PROK pulleys are engineered for extended service in heavy duty mining and industrial applications, which means they are built to last. A key advantage of PROK pulleys is the fact they are designed to be refurbished, breathing new life into your old pulley.

This is becoming an attractive option for many mining companies looking to increase operational efficiencies and reduce downtime.

PROK’s Pulley Refurbishment Services are located in key mining locations, offering our global clients the opportunity to extend the life of their pulleys using leading engineers and technicians and original OEM components.

Here we explore some of the benefits of choosing PROK Pulley Refurbishment Services:

OEM quality and reliability

While service parts such as bearings, seals and lagging will need to be replaced from time to time, this is no reason to accept a rebuilt pulley that does not meet the same build quality, specification and safety performance of the OEM pulley.

PROK engineers and technical sales staff have inspected many pulleys that have prematurely failed in service. A common thread is these pulleys have typically been refurbished by generalist engineering workshops, with little understanding or regard for the importance of the materials and quality of work required when working with a highly loaded piece of rotating equipment such as a conveyor pulley.

PROK pulley refurbishment facilities also have access to all current manufacturing drawings and specifications for your PROK pulleys.

This ensures that all materials and parts meet or exceed the specified requirements for the original pulley. As one of the largest manufacturers of conveyor pulleys, PROK can re-manufacture all major components such as the shaft or shell in order to return your existing pulley to service in an efficient and safe manner.

As well as reconditioning PROK pulleys our service centres can also refurbish pulleys manufactured by others.

We can even upgrade you pulleys to PROK design standards if required, using your operating conditions to carry out a design verification to ensure that the pulley is fit for the intended purpose, and if not recommend modifications utilising as much of the existing pulley as possible. This is a service that only a pulley OEM such as PROK can offer.

Reduce costs and operational downtime

PROK refurbished pulleys provide a significant cost saving against a completely new pulley. In most cases the pulley shell and shaft can be refurbished, resulting in a greatly reduced lead time compared to building a completely new pulley.

With mining companies continually looking to manage operational costs, investing in a refurbished pulley can provide a competitive advantage.


Prior to refurbishing any pulley PROK will fully disassemble and inspect the pulley. This allows us to conduct a detailed inspection of all components to confirm their suitability for re-use, refurbishment or replacement. A detailed written inspection report is issued to the customer along with repair recommendations and pricing for the refurbishment works, as well as the new pulley price for comparison.

This process ensures that the information given is both accurate and reliable, allowing our customers to make an informed decision regarding the future of their valuable pulley assets.

Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing

PROK inspect all major parts for condition, including dimensional inspection of key features to ensure wear is not excessive. In addition, shell welds and the shaft are inspected for cracks and other mechanical damage.

Where a heavily worn or damaged part is believed to be salvageable, PROK Engineers will provide advice on the suitability of re-using the part. For critical applications PROK recommend that non-destructive testing is carried out on selected components. This can include ultrasonic inspection of shell welds, end disc bores and the shaft to ensure that these items still meet the specifications for a new pulley.

Pulley Lagging and Protective Coatings

As an OEM, PROK has access to the full range of lagging products and can rebuild a pulley with lagging that is the same as originally specified or we can upgrade the lagging where requested.

PROK Pulley Refurbishment Service facilities can supply hot vulcanised (steam cured) lagging as well as cold bonded rubber lagging, direct bonded ceramic lagging and cast polyurethane lagging.

This includes our PROK Hot Vulcanised Ceramic Lagging (HVCL). This revolutionary system combines all the advantages and benefits of hot vulcanized lagging with rubber backed ceramic lagging. This product is ideally suited for high tension drive pulleys where high bond strength between the lagging and the pulley shell is required and, in most applications, when lagging wear is an issue.

Replace all wear parts

PROK replace all worn and highly stressed parts on a refurbished pulley. This is not the case with many suppliers who take short cuts and often only replace failed parts, raising the risk that one of these second-hand components may fail prematurely after being returned to service.

All PROK refurbished pulleys (unless requested otherwise) are fitted with new bearings and adaptor sleeves, housing seals, and locking elements.

Re-design for OEM Replacement Obsolete Pulleys

Some pulleys are now considered obsolete due to the design of the pulley being outdated or because parts are no longer available. In this case PROK, as an OEM, is able to design a new pulley for your application utilising existing components where possible.

This provides reassurance your replacement pulley is designed and manufactured in accordance with the same OEM standards as a new PROK pulley.

To find out more about PROK Pulley Refurbishment or speak to a technical specialist please contact us.

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