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PROK Formed Steel Rollers An Intelligent Design For Heavy Duty Mining


PROK Formed Steel Rollers An Intelligent Design For Heavy Duty Mining


PROK’s Formed Steel rollers deliver an intelligent design with superior characteristics, suitable for high loading capacities, belt speeds and tensions.

Designed in-house and manufactured in Germany, PROK Formed Steel rollers offer features such as long life, low weight, energy efficiency, low vibration, and low noise levels.

Our highly automated manufacturing process utilises a flow forming process for extremely round tubes and an end forming process to round shell edges and integrate concentric bearing houses to the roller shell body, avoiding the need for welding.

Formed rollers are also available with hollow flow formed shafts instead of full steel shafts for added weight reductions.

PROK Formed Steel rollers set the standard for high-speed, high tonnage reliable transportation of bulk materials.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Flow Formed Shell and Bearing Seats

Extreme manufacturing accuracy and our unique flow forming process deliver a roller with tolerances and concentricity beyond the possibilities of a conventional roller meaning long life and reliable performance.

  • High Tension.  High Tonnage. Proven Performance

Developed specifically for heavy duty mining with high loads and belt speeds – proven in applications up to 11 m/s and 52,000 tonnes per hour.  Over 300,000 operating.

  • Innovative Design

In-house manufacturing uses premium sealing arrangements designed to accommodate harsh mining conditions & climatesFormed rollers are available as carry, impact and return rollers and garlands as well.

PROK Flow Form rollers are proven on some of the largest copper and iron ore sites in the world achieving extremely high reliability for the long term.

To find out more about PROK Formed Steel rollers, contact us here.

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