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PROK Introduces New Heavy-Duty Belt Lifter


PROK Introduces New Heavy-Duty Belt Lifter


Roller change outs are a significant part of a conveyor system maintenance schedule and present many challenges regarding safety, efficiency and productivity.

An efficient roller change is crucial as it out allows the conveyor to be back up and running much quicker, avoiding major disruptions to production.

PROK has identified this challenge and worked closely with our customers to develop our new range of Heavy-Duty (HD) Belt Lifters. With a new innovative design, it is now easier to safely lift and lower conveyor belts for roller change outs and heavy-duty belt maintenance.

PROK Heavy Duty (HD) belt lifters are light-weight and engineered to streamline the roller replacement process – for a safer, more efficient operation that minimises the risk of damage to the conveyor belt whilst minimising downtime requirements.

Engineered for safety and convenience, the PROK HD Belt Lifter includes a battery powered driver, removing the need to manually lift and lower the belt. This reduces the risk of back injuries and strains.

Features and Benefits:

  • Two-part frame for safer application – A collapsible frame creates the ultimate relocatable solution to replace idler frames & rollers
  • Battery powered driver to minimise risk of injury – Lifting & lowering requires minimal effort with a mechanical aid that reduces the risk of injury
  • Engineered lighter for quicker install – with less than 25kg carry per person, our HD lifter provides a safe solution to increase shutdown efficiencies

Designed for the standard PROK conveyor idler mounting dimensions, our new range of belt lifters are suitable for use on all conveyor applications.

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