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Supply and design certainty drive demand for PROK conveyor idlers


Supply and design certainty drive demand for PROK conveyor idlers


With supply chains in upheaval across the globe, PROK has extended its operations to meet the demand for locally-made, custom-designed conveyor idlers.

Idlers are the foundation of every conveyor system, they are workhorses that keep products, goods and equipment moving out the door and it is important that they operate efficiently and effectively. That’s why PROK’s Australian-made frames are worth the investment.

PROK currently manufactures more than 100,000 idler frames each year for a range of customers, including Glencore, Yancoal, BHP, Anglo American, Rio Tinto and FMG.

The company’s Australian-based production process means we can meet exact user specifications to Australian standards and quality specifications.

“Built in Australia, using Australian steel and to Australian Standards, PROK’s idler frames provide a solid foundation that can be relied on to do the job right – and to last,” said Ben Curtis, Aftermarket Manager for PROK who manufacture and supply conveyor components to the global mining industry.

“In fact, there are PROK idler frames that were installed in the 1980s that are still going strong today. That’s the mark of quality equipment that’s designed to meet Australia’s harshest conditions, day after day.”

PROK idlers can be found across the country, from the Pilbara to the Hunter Valley in New South Wales to the Bowen Basin in Queensland. Basically, anywhere there is mining you will likely find PROK idlers.

Available in a wide range of sizes to cater for different belt widths and placements, as well as troughing angles and functional demands, PROK idler frames are engineered to suit the customer’s applications and unique requirements.

PROK often visits a customer’s site to measure up the required frames and provide engineering and design support. The bespoke frames are then made in Australia and ready to be delivered and installed on-site in around four weeks, with urgent jobs available in two weeks.

Unlike imported products, there are no production delays caused by lockdowns nor global shipping backlogs to contend with.

“Our mining customers have certainty of supply and can rely on their bespoke idler frames being delivered on time,” added Mr Curtis.

“When it comes to conveying, time is often money. So, a lead time of just four weeks compared to months for imported frames, represents a real saving.”

But that quick turn-around doesn’t mean the quality is inferior.

“Quality and durability are PROK hallmarks. We understand that using poor quality idlers can lead to problems like belt damage, mis-tracking, misalignment and unscheduled conveyor downtime,” Mr Curtis said.

As case in point, PROK is currently in the process of supplying a bulk order of retractable idler frames to a miner that had purchased poorly manufactured offshore frames about 12 years ago.

“The problem is, when they went to reassemble the frames, they weren’t able to align the bolts and had to weld up every frame to get the site operational again. A real headache the customer definitely didn’t need,” Mr Curtis explained.

“This isn’t an issue for PROK idler frames, as each unit is engineered and custom-made to suit our customer’s needs. Our frames are guaranteed to fit – every time.”

PROK idler frames are designed to be interchangeable with existing frames on site and are engineered to perform as needed, reducing the risk of unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs. The frames are also designed with the maintenance personnel and operating environment in mind so they are safer, operate optimally and last longer.

With a history of manufacturing quality conveyor components dating back to 1880, PROK has designed and built the conveyors and components found in mines, ports and other large bulk material handling plants worldwide.

Pioneering the development of quality conveyor pulleys and idlers in the Australasian market, today PROK is the world’s largest manufacturer of quality conveyor products, with manufacturing facilities in Australia, Brazil and Chile.

PROK idler frames are backed by PROK’s renowned customer support, which includes the fastest lead times in the market and local expert engineering support from offices in Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, the USA and Canada.

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